Andres Wertheim is a talented photographer who in 1962 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began taking pictures as a child, and went on to study photography with the filmmaker Horacio Coppola. From 1986 on, he travels around the world documenting various places and their people, publishing articles in several magazines and newspapers.

Wertheim began creating double exposure images combining the crowds and artwork to capture this disparity. For his series “The Museum’s Ghosts”, Andres captures the interaction between the artworks in a museum and the public.

“It is assumed that when people go to a museum, they carefully observe the paintings and sculptures and thoroughly read the explanatory panels.
But what if the characters portrayed in nearby paintings looked upon visitors while they aren’t paying attention, what unusual scenes would we find?”
-Andres Wertheim

Enjoy elso his series “Geometries”.